Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Crunch Time!

T-minus 12 days until the LIFTED: BOONE event!

So what does that mean for us?
What does that mean for you?

What that means for us is:
  • Plans are materializing.
  • Everyone knows what they have to do, it's just time to do it!
  • Lots of praying, that the Lord will continue to go before us and prepare the atmosphere, hearts, and our hands for His work.
  • Last minute details that can only be addressed as the event gets closer.
  • Excitement, Anticipation, and telling people we know about what's going on.

What that means for you is:
  • Feel invited. Whether you can come to the event or not, we want you to be involved in this night specifically.
  • If you're coming, tell people you know about the event. Tell your professors, your friends, your roommates, and your classmates. Child sex trafficking is a global pandemic which appears in every country and every culture. It affects you and me whether or not we see it. Here's a chance to come together for an evening to face the issue head-on, to look it in the eye and dare to respond.
  • If you're coming, come as you are. You are welcome to come not knowing any information or statistics whatsoever about child sex trafficking, and you are welcome to come informed on whatever level.
  • If you're coming, pray. Pray for opportunities to connect with others about the event and the issue. Pray for hearts to be soft to respond.
  • If you are not able to come, PRAY! You are our front-line. Prayer is our most effective tool! Pray for hearts to be soft and responsive. Pray for the atmosphere to be thick with the Spirit of the Lord, and for our ears to be open to how He wants to present Himself.
  • If you are not able to come, let us know how we can connect you. Is there somewhere near you where a LIFTED event can be hosted? Would you like a live stream of the BOONE event?

We are so excited about this night. We will continue to keep you updated as our plans come to fruition with this event!


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  1. I would LOVE a live stream, since I live on the other side of the world! :)