Wednesday, February 24, 2010

... and Praying

This week, LIFTED has welcomed a new member to our team! Erin Harr has jumped on board as an intercessor and advocate in prayer for LIFTED's ministry. Erin's website is Please visit to find out more about her prayer ministry. It is so encouraging to have her with us and to know that someone is covering this ministry in prayer. From the big issues of the ministry to the smallest details of our personal lives, Erin is listening and joining with us to pray.

On Monday, we discussed the event in Boone at length, covering production plans, stage dimensions, and the schedule of the evening, just to name a few things! So many hands are going into this event, hands of people we don't even know, and we are humbled at the help of so many. The Lord is truly preparing the way, and our prayer is that we yield to what He wants to do and how He wants to do it. We can't drive the point home about the crisis of global sex trafficking outside of the context of who He is, or in our own strength. Please pray with us!

We also discussed the potential of another full-blown LIFTED event in our home town, Raleigh. It's definitely going to happen (hooray!), but we're working out the big issues of when and where. Again, we are praying for guidance as we make these decisions! Many different churches in our area are becoming more aware of the issue of sex trafficking, and the LIFTED team is excited to prepare a chance for many different bodies to come together to respond.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Planning and Preparing

Hey everyone!

Since we returned from our trip to Thailand and Cambodia we've had to jump right back into the swing of things (work, obligations, etc.), but not without sifting through some of the things we saw and experienced overseas.

First things first - a HUGE thank you to those of you who prayed while we were there! We couldn't have done what we did without that support, and we felt it the whole time. Hopefully we will be able to post a more thorough collection of pictures from our trip! There are many stories to tell, and in time we hope to share them all.

What have we been up to since our trip?

The past two weeks, we've met with our families, church families, and friends to share and testify about our trip. We've finally gotten back on the right sleep schedule and have returned to work and life in Raleigh. So this week, we were finally able to tackle a few things on our list of to-do's.

Our upcoming event in Boone (March 27th) is well underway with planning and preparations! We have an incredible team of students from Appalachian State who have been promoting steadily since the beginning of the semester. Our hope is to draw as many students and members of the community as we can by making sure they have at least heard about the event. Here are a few pictures of their promo so far:

Thanks you guys!! We want as many people to know about the event as possible, and as many people to learn more about the sex trafficking crisis as possible.

We'll be upping the promo steadily until the event, with more flyers, promo video showings, and even event t-shirts!

We will be partnering with an organization called sixty1, which has a home and programs in India. There will be informational booths for LIFTED, Remember Nhu, sixty1, and other organizations with similar hearts and purposes. These events are such a great opportunity to come together and connect for one cause.

We'll keep you updated with stories and pictures from our trip, as well as our event in Boone!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Blog in Pictures...

The past two days we: Went to a Hill Tribe where R Nhu finds girls, enjoyed a cultural dinner, rode an elephant, visited an AIDS orphanage, and heard some more cool songs in Thai...